NEXRAD Radar KDDC status: No Data [last data 81905 secs ago] as of Wed, 23-Apr-2014 7:29am CDT

Message date: Mon, 21-Apr-2014 8:48am CDT
The KDDC WSR-88D will be down for radome panel replacement and painting from 21April through 25 April. Alternate sites are KGLD, KVNX, KICT and KPUX.

NWS WSR-88D Transmit/Receive Status

GRLevel3 radar images are not available at this time.

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NOTE: Icons are not always correct and those indicating rotation do not necessarily mean a tornado. The presence of a rotational icon indicates that low level or upper level rotation IS POSSIBLE in an individual thunderstorm cell according to the radar signature and computer graphic. Tornado development and activity is issued only by the National Weather Service. For an accurate and actual indication of tornadic activity, individuals are urged to listen to NOAA Weather Radio for tornado watches and warnings directly from the National Weather Service. I recommend the weather radio pictured below.


Midland WR300


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