Davis Vantage Vue Status

Vantage Vue ISS Battery Status: Ok
ISS Packet Reception Percentage: 100% of all packets received
Vue Console Battery Voltage: 4.7 volts

Website Status

Station system free memory 1049MB
This website uses Weather-Display (10.37R-(b74)) for weather conditions reporting.
It was last started 11:35 pm 4/13/2014.

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
Thu, 24-Apr-2014 6:49pm CDT
Weather-Display realtime Current 0:00:02 Thu, 24-Apr-2014 6:49pm CDT
Weather-Display FTP Current 0:01:36 Thu, 24-Apr-2014 6:47pm CDT
Weather-Display weather data Current 0:04:23 Thu, 24-Apr-2014 6:45pm CDT
Weather-Display NOAA report Current 0:45:15 Thu, 24-Apr-2014 6:04pm CDT
Weather-Display Month report Current 18:34:41 Thu, 24-Apr-2014 12:14am CDT

NEXRAD Radar KDDC status: No Data [last data 36005 secs ago] as of Thu, 24-Apr-2014 6:44pm CDT

NWS WSR-88D Transmit/Receive Status

GRLevel3 Radar FTP NOT Current 82:01:58 > 0:10:15
Mon, 21-Apr-2014 8:47am CDT
Weather Diplay Test Tags Current 0:01:37 Thu, 24-Apr-2014 6:47pm CDT
Weather Display Client Raw Current 0:00:03 Thu, 24-Apr-2014 6:49pm CDT
Weather Display Client Raw Extra Current 0:02:53 Thu, 24-Apr-2014 6:46pm CDT
LIVE Steel Gauges Current 0:00:23 Thu, 24-Apr-2014 6:49pm CDT